3 Tips to save your feet from blisters!

Nick Hancock
11 Jan 2022
2 minutes

Blisters are one of the leading reasons to DNF a race. They can seriously derail any race of any length and in ultras, they are the 2nd biggest cause of dropouts (behind GI issues)

1. Get your sock and shoe combination nailed down… you should be practising this just as much as you practice anything else. One pair of socks might work with one pair of shoes, but be a disaster with another. Get this nailed ✅ @teamrunderwear should be your first place to look for socks 💙👌🏻

2. Look after your feet… ok, this is gross, but if you have callouses, trim those mother fuckers down because they are susceptible to splitting and blistering further. Use a foot cream to keep your feet smooth and soft like Gewhol

3. Lace your shoes right… you may have heard of a runner’s knot or a heel lock. Seriously, experiment with what works for you here, don’t just assume that the way you tie your normal dailies is the same for your runners… it’s knot (pun intended!). The diagram below is a superb example of a range of ties

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