Ultrarunners…. Try this Hard Hills workout!!

Nick Hancock
11 Jan 2022
2 minutes

I am a MASSIVE lover of hills. I used to hate them but I taught myself to love them by getting good at them

I’ve left some very good runners for dead on hills because I’ve dedicated myself to getting really good at something a lot of runners hate

So here is the session…

WHAT: 10 min warm-up jog with some drills
12×60 second hard hills with 2 min recovery in between each hill
10 min cool down jog

WHY: To get neuromuscular adaptations as well as mental toughness on the hills. This will also contribute to your overall speed and help to build strength in your glutes, hams and calf muscles!

WHERE: Choose a runnable hill, not too steep, but steep enough that it works you hard

HOW: Run hard but controlled. You don’t want to run out of puff mid-hill. Concentrate on good form, keep your head and eyes up, no slumping over especially as you begin to tire. Good driving arms. Recover on the downhill, walk if you need to to ensure you are fully recovered

Why not share this with a friend and challenge them to it 💪🏻

Let me know how you get on ✅

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